Terms and Conditions

Easy Succulents – Terms and Conditions

July 2020


Payment will be required before your order is shipped.
Orders for collection may be paid online or you may choose to pay cash on collection.
We use the payment provider Square to securely process online payments.

Delivery and Collection


We can deliver small plants and rooted cuttings within the UK using Royal Mail or Parcel Force.

Plants will be carefully wrapped and placed in a box to protect them in transit. We will usually be able to dispatch orders within 3 – 5 days or order receipt, (however we do not post plants on Friday, Saturday or Sunday).
We may delay dispatch due to very hot weather, very cold weather, or public holidays.

When your plants arrive, please carefully unwrap and pot up your plants as quickly as possible to minimise stress to them from lack of light and water. Place them out of strong sunlight for a week or two and don’t over-water. They may take a few days to recover from their journey, but should start to grow quickly if treated well.
Succulent planting and potting instructions

We can deliver small young succulent plants and rooted cuttings/leaf cuttings. Young plants to be delivered will usually be sent bare-rooted.
When sending small plants/cuttings, we will clean the compost from the roots and check the plant before packing, to ensure it is healthy and ready for its journey.

The plants should not be significantly damaged by normal posting conditions; however, if very hot weather or very cold weather is forecast, we may delay dispatch for a few days.


Larger succulent plants in pots and herb plants, which are more easily damaged, are only available for collection from North Worcestershire (B45).

Plants to be collected will be placed in boxes or trays. We will contact you to arrange a suitable collection time before getting your order ready for you to collect.
Please aim to collect your order with 7 days of ordering.
An order for collection can include larger succulents plants in pots, as well as young plants, rooted cuttings and herb plants.

Cancellation & Returns

If you change your mind, you have the right to cancel or amend your order for up to 24 hours.
After this time it may still be possible to cancel or amend (at our discretion) but there may be a charge if items have been packed or prepared for you. If the items have already been posted it will not be possible to cancel or amend the order.

If you collect your plants from us, you will be able to inspect them before taking them away. If you are not entirely happy will will happily cancel and refund, all or part of the order, as required.

We do not usually accept returns of plants which have been posted to you, as a return journey would cause significant stress to a plant. However if your plants are badly damaged when you receive them, or the items you receive are incorrect, please contact us with details and we will consider if the item should be replaced (subject to availability) or refunded.

Please note that many succulents, including Graptopetalum and many Sedums, can easily lose leaves if they are knocked, this normal and the plant will continue to grow. It is quite likely that they may lose a leaf or two during their trip or during planting.
Please take care when handling and unwrapping your plants.
If dropped leaves are placed onto a tray of grit and placed somewhere out of full sun, most will start to grow in to new plants in a few weeks.

Your information

We collect your information, including name, address, contact information, to allow us to fulfill your order.
Please see the Privacy page for more information.