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Succulents and winter – caring for succulents over winter

Autumn is the time to consider succulents and winter protection. Caring for your succulents over winter and preparing summer outdoor planted succulents to come back inside over winter is important if you want your succulents to survive over winter. As the weather gets cooler and wetter many succulents will start to suffer, so September is a good time to start checking how they are doing and begin thinking about moving them to a better site (if in pots) or lifting plants which have been planted out in garden beds or rockeries over summer.

Frosty Echeveria Pearl of Nuremburg
Succulents and winter – Frosty Echeveria Pearl of Nuremburg
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Sempervivum Art

Create art with plants “sempervivum art” or “succulent art” display in a pot.

It is possible to use colourful succulents such as Sempervivum and Jovibarba to create interesting patterns of colour as “sempervivum art” or “succulent art”.

3 sempervivum bowls - outdoor succulent display pots
3 Sempervivum bowls – outdoor succulent display pots
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Caring for Succulents

Most succulents are easy to care for if you can give them the right growing conditions caring for succulents is easier than most other plants. The two things most succulents need are plenty of sunlight and well drained gritty compost/soil.

They do not like to have permanently wet roots, and most will not tolerate frost and ice (especially if they are in wet soil).

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Succulent planting instructions

Succulent planting instructions: Caring for your succulent plants and rooted cuttings when they arrive

When your plants arrive, please carefully unwrap and pot up your plants as quickly as possible to minimise stress to them from lack of light and water.

They will not have had light and water for a few days so the sooner you can pot them up and give them a drink, the quicker they will start growing and the better the condition they will be in.

Place them in good light but out of strong sunlight for a week or two, and water – but don’t over-water – them. They may take a few days to recover from their journey, but they should start to grow quickly if treated well.

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