Succulent display pot – To Order

Succulent display pots – to order.

A display pot planted with either Succulents or Herb Plants, which can be ordered.

  • Outdoor succulent pot  – Sempervivums

Sempervivums are currently available.


Succulent Display Pots – to order.

We can create a display pot planted with either succulents or herb plants, these can be created to order.

At the moment we are only offering Sempervivum Display Pots.

Sempervivum Display Pot

These sempervivum display pots make a great centrepiece for a garden table*
Hardy rosette succulents in various colours. Larger plants will create offset baby plants and may flower in spring or summer (the flowers are beautiful and amazing).

Sempervivum display pot  – Sempervivums and Jovibarba (3 – 8 varieties/colours).
Available as display pots (clay pot) with 3 or more different sempervivum varieties, of different colours.

We can also combine Sepervivums with other hardy succulents such as Sedum or Rhodiola groundcover plants.
(They can stay outside over winter, but should be kept in a sheltered position – such as against a south facing wall.)

13 – 20cm pot
£10 – £30*

These plants can be used to create “sempervivum art” with interesting patterns, including shapes, stripes, letters or numbers.
They could make a great special gift for birthday or Christmas.

(* custom designs may cost more depending on the required colours and design, and the amount of work required)

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Please contact us to request a price and check availability.

If you wish to order a display pot, please give us as much notice as possible so that we can ensure that we have the necessary plants and pots. Availability of plants and pots does vary at different times, and it may be difficult to grow or obtain enough plants in winter.

Costs may vary too, depending on your requirements.

We grow our own plants, but we may need to buy in some plants for the displays.

We can plant up your own display pot if you already have something suitable.

The plants will need a few weeks to settle into their pot and look their best.
Also remember that the plants will grow and change over time, and they will need some tidying to look their best.

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