Pachyphytum bracteosum small young plant


Pachyphytum Bracteosum small young plant

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Pachyphytum Bracteosum small young plant

Plant Details and Care

Glaucus grey/blue bulbous leaves, which become more flattened as the plant ages.
Size: Up to 30 cm tall, will tend to grow over the side of the pot before getting that tall.
Leaves: Glaucus, plump, silver-grey leaves, which will develop blue, pink, or bronze colourings as the plant ages, and in full sun.
Flowers: Stems with succulent flowers which hang down from the plant. The inside of the flower is red and the outside the same glaucus grey colour as the plant.
Growing site: Indoors in a conservatory or a large sunny windowsill, or outdoors in a pot during the summer. Poor, well-drained soil. Lots of sunlight.
Hardiness: Not hardy in the UK.
Toxicity: Pachyphytum is generally considered non-toxic to cats, dogs and humans.


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