Echeveria ‘Pearl of Nuremberg’ plant in clay pot


Echeveria ‘Pearl of Nuremberg’ young plant in a clay pot

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Echeveria ‘Pearl of Nuremberg’ young plant in a clay pot

Plant Details and Care

Large rosette with leaves which turn from blue/green/grey to pink and purple and occasionally some red in summer sun.
Size: Individual rosettes can grow up to 20 cm.
Leaves: Large wide rounded leaves which come to a point, blue/green/grey colour in low light, with pink, purple and red colours developing in strong sunlight.
Flowers: Long stems with coral pink flowers.
Growing site: Indoors in a conservatory or large sunny windowsill, or outdoors in a pot or sunny rockery.
Hardiness: Not fully hardy. May be grown outside in the summer, but will need some winter protection.
Toxicity: Echeverias are generally considered non-toxic to cats, dogs and humans.


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