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Sempervivum Art

Create art with plants “sempervivum art” or “succulent art” display in a pot.

It is possible to use colourful succulents such as Sempervivum and Jovibarba to create interesting patterns of colour as “sempervivum art” or “succulent art”.

3 sempervivum bowls - outdoor succulent display pots
3 Sempervivum bowls – outdoor succulent display pots

Sempervivums come in many different colours, including red, green, pink, purple, yellow and gold. Creatively combining different colours of Sempervivum in a display can give a stunning effect. It is possible to create stripes, shapes, letters and numbers. The display can be made in a small pot or in a gravel bed in the garden or alongside a path.

This type of planting design can be done with other succulents including Echeveria, which are often used to create large scale displays in parks and large gardens, but Echeveria designs do need a lot of space. The effect is easier to achieve in a pot or small area with Sempervivums.

Most Sempervivums, and the related Jovibarba, are hardy and can tolerate the cold and wet of the UK. However they do need to be grown in a well-drained and sunny location. They will not be happy planted in clay on a north-facing site. Ideally they should be planted in a mix of potting grit and compost. They don’t need a lot of nutrients and can survive in mostly grit/gravel with a small amount of compost.

We can create Sempervivum display pots to order, create Sempervivum art and create designs with lettering and numbers for a special birthday or Christmas present.